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A New Old Love Song - Digital Download

A New Old Love Song - Digital Download

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You've heard the saying, "we grew apart," right? 

Did you know, the Cheyenne tribes of North America have a tradition to bring two people closer together?

When a man wanted to be closer to a woman he wished to marry, he would ask a flute maker to craft a special flute for him. In exchange, he would pay the flute maker with some of his most valuable possessions, like horses.

Then he would play the flute in the evening, far outside of the camp while thinking of that special woman. The power of his thoughts and the sound of the flute were said to draw her near so they could deepen their relationship.

Steve's friend and teacher, Mike Becker, created this song, dedicated it to his wife Kathy, and played it at their wedding. Since then, Mike has kept on playing the song, and over the years, it’s evolved and changed to take on a life of it’s own. Every time Mike plays it, it’s a little bit different and this is why he calls it A New Old Love Song

This great track is part of the album, Prairie Paths.

You can be proud of your support for the Native American music and culture with every purchase because Steven's mission is to preserve that beauty in each of his songs, for generations to come.

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