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From the Prairie State of Illinois, Steven Gigante focusses on the style of the Native American Flute.  He began his playing of the Native American Flute in 1999.  He received his first flute recording as a gift from his Mom & Dad.  It was "Emergence"- A recording from R. Carlos Nakai.  His sound inspired Steven to play the Native American Flute.  

Steven really enjoys improvising on the Native American Flute and composing his own songs.  His Teacher & Friend Mike Becker has taught him some of the Old Traditional Songs as well.  Steven's music brings the listener to a Peaceful, Calm & Serene place giving them a chance to escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Steven loves all things Native American and has had a high interest in the Native American people since Grammar School. He's attended various Native American Pow wow's in the Chicagoland area and in Northern Wisconsin.  He also loves Nature & the Outdoor life.

  Steven is also very supportive of the Native American Cause.  He is a member of The Partnership with Native Americans Organization (PWNA).  "The Partnership with Native Americans is a nonprofit organization committed to helping bring about a brighter future for Native Americans living on remote, isolated and impoverished reservations". PWNA provides material aid, educational support and community-based services.  As a member, Steven provides a small monthly donation to PWNA's Northern Plains Reservation Aid (NPRA) Circle of Friends program.  Steven's donation is used to provide food where it is needed most.  If you would like to know more about PWNA and their work, checkout their website at: or 


Aside from his flute playing, Steven is also a Horticulturist.  He received his Associate's degree in Applied Science (AAS) under Ornamental Horticulture/Landscape design & Maintenance in 2004.  He is currently working for a Nursery/Garden Center & Landscaping Company.