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Winnebago Love Song (Wā̜k hina̜wa̜ ňa) - Digital Download

Winnebago Love Song (Wā̜k hina̜wa̜ ňa) - Digital Download

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Wā̜k hina̜wa̜ ňa - A love song about camping?!

The actual meaning of Winnebago is “people of the dirty water.” That might sound like a camping joke, but it’s actually the name of the Native American tribe who lived around Wisconsin’s Fox River, known for its muddy waters. Another name for the Winnebago Tribe is the Ho-Chunk Nation. "Winnebago Love Song" literally translates as "Wā̜k hina̜wa̜ ňa" which means "To sing about as a battle or lover".

One of the uses of the Native American flute was courtship. When a young man would want to attract a girl's attention, he would arrive in the evening outside of her family's home and play a love song on his special courting flute. The beautiful tones of the instrument rising and falling served to entice her into falling in love with him.

This Winnebago Love Song was originally collected by Natalie Curtis and published in her book “The Indians Book” in 1907. Steven Gigante brings it to you in all of it's gorgeous, traditional glory, so get ready for enchantment and pure delight!

This great track is part of the album, Prairie Paths.

You can be proud of your support for the Native American music and culture with every purchase because Steven's mission is to preserve that beauty in each of his songs, for generations to come.

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