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An Appeal To The Bear - Digital Download

An Appeal To The Bear - Digital Download

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Experience the healing power of the bear!

This is an old Lakota song, originally sung by Eagle Shield in treatment of the sick. Eagle Shield was a Shaman who lived on the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota. He began healing in the 1870's and was best known for his treatment of bone fractures and wounds. 

He received his healing powers and knowledge of herbs from the bear and the badger. His bear medicine was used for adults and his badger medicine for children.

This song was sung four times using a remedy to treat diseases of the kidneys. There was a plant that grew on the Prairie that was used, Lactuca pulchella DC, commonly known as wild lettuce. It was dried and prepared by boiling the plant material to extract it’s chemicals into a liquid.

This song was also collected by Frances Densmore and published in her book “Teton Sioux Music” in 1918. This great track is part of the album, Prairie Paths.

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