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Digital Singles Collection

Digital Singles Collection

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Make sure you can still relax when you're away from a CD player.

This delightful collection puts all of Steven's singles and their artwork in one place, so you can easily enjoy them anywhere. Including a total of 14 items: 7 songs, 6 art pieces and 1 music video.

  • On The Shore - mp3
  • Voice Of The Whale - mp3 + artwork
  • Campfire Song - mp3 + artwork
  • Autumn Spirit - mp3 + artwork
  • Dreamcatcher - mp3 + artwork
  • Honoring The Code - mp3 + artwork
  • Heartbeat - mp3 + artwork
  • Heartbeat - mp4, official music video

You can be proud of your support for the Native American culture with every purchase because Steven's mission is to preserve that beauty in each of his songs, for generations to come.