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The Songs of the Sea  EP- Physical CD
The Songs of the Sea  EP- Physical CD

The Songs of the Sea EP- Physical CD

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Take a Journey to the beautiful Landscapes of Hawaii!!

 Imagine yourself standing on the warm, white sand of a beach in Hawaii. The sound and the feel of the waves gently lapping at your toes. Water birds call to each other, flying and diving nearby.

After soaking it all in, you step into a Koa wood canoe that had been carved out of a single tree trunk, called a Kai 'Opua. You glide out across the sparkling water until you spot a pod of koholā, the gentle Humpback whales. Their beautiful songs caress your ears and transport you to the beginning of time itself.

This gorgeous album by Steven Gigante gives you this experience like no one else can with these two, full length songs featuring the Native American flute, relaxing sounds of the ocean, and authentic recordings of Humpback whale song!

You can be proud of your support for the Native American music and culture with every purchase because Steven's mission is to preserve that beauty in each of his songs, for generations to come.

    • Relax and recharge your spiritual batteries!
    • Includes authentic recordings of Humpback whales in Hawaii made by Steven's cousin using special equipment!
    • Also available in digital format.